A CryoFacial treatment is incredibly beneficial including tightening and smoothing of the skin, reduction of lines, wrinkles, acne and problem areas on the face and neck, and reduction in pore size.


Injury Recovery

A Faster recovery allows you to have the consistent and frequent training schedule that is key to skill development and utmost performance, and that Cryotherapy recovery can significantly accelerate recovery.


Sports Performance

Cryotherapy is optimal to help prime your body prior to your workout for increased energy, vitality, metabolic rate and fat burning. Cryotherapy before your workout, race or game can increase your performance as well as aid in a faster recovery.


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Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our make-up…it lasted all day and night and it was a really relaxing morning before the wedding so thank you for being a part of that!!


Thank you for making my wedding day such a special experience. I felt so beautiful in the makeup you did, and was secure in the fact that it was going to last all day and night with my touch up package. I really enjoyed the change of look as well – people kept asking if I had changed my dress altogether!
I couldn’t stop looking at my bridesmaids, mother and cousin – for girls who don’t normally wear makeup, I was stupified by how stunning everyone looked! Thank you for helping the girls to feel as stunning as they all truly are


I also enjoyed having my regular treatment for cryotherapy which worked wonders for me. Can't wait for further treatments ahead. Your a amazing person keep up the good work you're doing great.

Sobiha ParveenTammy thank you for your hospitality and super advice.

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