There’s nothing worse than leaving the nail salon only to put a dent in your freshly painted pointers the minute you dig through your handbag to check your phone. That was one of the reasons gel manicures became an instant beauty phenomenon: They’re quick, they’re practically bulletproof, and the shiny, glossy color won’t budge for at least two weeks.
Gel manicures are arguably one of the most exciting beauty innovations of the last few years–a mani that lasts for two solid weeks without chipping and doesn’t require any dry time seems downright miraculous. Nails Gel manicure can make your nails soft, beautiful and look stylish and to top it all it does not even take very long. Nail Salon Gel Manicure is growing in popularity as more individuals are getting excited about it. Active Clinics provides the best Gel Manicure in Birmingham. Birmingham being the fashion capital of the world is always under the scanner. Nail Gel Manicure is just right for you; you will be surprised how many celebrities too take advantage of this right here at Active Clinics. We understand not everyone has the time for a gel manicure, which is why we offer an extensive collection of nail polishes. All of our regular Manicures and gel manicures will leave your hands feeling soft and stylish.
Gel Nails vs. Polish Gel Nails are not polish. Unlike nail polishes, gel nails bond directly to your natural nails through curing with LED light, and cannot be removed at home with nail polish remover. Instead, they are gently soaked off in our Active Clinics. Gel nails come in a variety of unique colors and do not require polish on top. Gel Nails vs. Acrylic/Silk Nails Gel Nails are not “press-on” nails. Gel Nails do not extend or add length onto your natural nails. Gel nails will not change the shape of your natural nails, but instead add a durable shell of clear or colored gel over the natural nail. Active Clinics Guarantee: We are so confident in the durability of our Gel Manicure and Pedicure that, if your gel nails should chip within 7 days of your treatment, we will gladly fix them for free.


This treatment can be done on the fingernails or toenails. Nails are cut and filed to your satisfaction, then expertly painted with a protecting base coat, two coats of your chosen colour and a high shine top coat to leave your nails looking spectacular. Your chosen colour is then yours to take away with you. Please Note:At Active Clinics our nail treatments include a standard nail varnish paint so please remove gel polish from your nails before coming in for any nail treatments. Our therapist do not have the correct equipment or required training to be able to remove (soak off) gel polish.

Who is it suitable for?
Anyone with a special occasion to go to.

People that find it difficult to paint their own nails.

Nails look neat, tidy and expertly polished.


Think how much you use your feet every single day; it’s no wonder they often end up tired, with hard skin and yellow tinted toenails – after all they’re stuck in shoes for the majority of the day! The skin on the soles of your feet is approximately twenty times thicker than other parts of your body so it deserves special attention, and fungal diseases are common between toes and under toenails so caring for your feet is extremely important.
Most people are guilty of ignoring their feet during the winter months and paying more attention to them in the summer months when they’re on show, but healthy feet all year round will help prevent most nail diseases. Beautifully pedicured feet will also encourage you to show them off, and it’s amazing just how many people will notice and comment on how good they look! Nails Gel A Pedicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the feet and toenails, and can also help to prevent nail diseases such as Athlete’s Foot, fungus and ingrown toenails. The word pedicure comes from the Latin word pes, meaning “foot”, and cura meaning “care”. The best pedicures not only make your toes beautiful, but also include lower leg and foot massages to totally revive your feet. Your feet should end up smooth and moisturised, and your toes perfectly shaped and polished – a pedicure is basically a manicure for the feet! As with manicures, you may also decide to have some nail art on your toes.

Use your Active Clinic’s Expert for perfect pedicures this summer. With Active Clinics Gel you get a high gloss, damage-proof pedicure with a mirror finish, with no chipping, lifting or cracking. Whilst our gel nail polish lasts on fingernails for up to two weeks, it can last on toes for six to eight weeks – even if you are in and out of the pool all the time. This is simply because toenails tend to grow more slowly than fingernails. Easily removed in minutes and with zero drying time too, you’re ready to go straight away…

Walk on the beach

Slip on your sexiest summer heels

Dive into the pool

Pull on your festival wellies

Nails look neat, tidy and polished. Tension in the feet and lower legs is eased and the skin is softened and moisturised. Leaves your feet feeling light and rejuvenated.


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