Bum Lift

Does Cryotherapy lead to Butt Lift?

Cryostimulation is the revolutionary -160C treatment used by Hollywood celebrities Demi More, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and Emilia Clark (to mention just a few).

Ever wondered how they get red-carpet ready skin? Cryostimulation is rapidly becoming one of the coolest non-invasive treatments around. These very low temperatures yield incredible, instant results: Blood circulation is enhanced along with the supply of oxygen to the tissues. Toxins are drained away by lymph and blood. It also aids cellular survival and activates natural biological regeneration.



While these processes are initiated by brief exposure of the skin surface to extremely low temperatures, it is important to understand that tissue is not actually frozen during the procedure. Only the illusion of a severe cold impact is created when very cold air temporarily touches the skin where the cold sensors are located.


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