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Semi-Permanent eyeliner is the easiest way to enhance the beauty of the eyes. Semi Permanent eyeliner ensure you will never be rushing out the door in the morning without having your eyes done. You can choose to have the top or bottom or both tattooed to add depth and definition, making your eyes stand out. Your lashes will appear fuller and thicker, giving that classic look women spend a long time in front of a mirror trying to achieve. You choose the shape you like!. Eyeliner treatment is ideal for following:

  • Those allergic to regular eye make-up

  • Those who have difficulties applying eye liner or have a poor sight

  • Those with thin or non-existing lashes (alopecia)

The initial permanent make up treatments requires two visits spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart. You can expect the enhancements to last from 12 to 36 months before the retouch may be required.

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