CRYO Penguin



Using cold temperatures to treat pain and inflammation dates as far back as 2500 BC.

A CRYOTHERAPY session takes three minutes and it starts by the patient entering the CRYO Chamber where cryogenically cooled air is released. Improvements in the skin’s appearance and increased energy are immediately noticeable after the first treatment. For longer lasting results, a minimum of 10 sessions are generally recommended.

A science that has been tested to deliver results to blood circulation and the central nervous system is now made easily accessible with our oCRYO Penguin; a modern, mobile device that treats localized tissue damage, induces cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone, and reduces the effects of ageing.


The CRYO Penguin is designed in a way to make life easier for you, from its easy and embedded programming, to its comprehensive and ergonomically friendly design. Our oCRYO Penguin is a world class savvy technology that upgrades your health and wellness packages to offer the most groundbreaking services to your clients. Weight loss, cellulite reduction, and skin collagen boosts are some of the healthcare benefits offered by cryogenically based beauty treatments.


Features :

Our °CRYO Penguin, distinguished through its safety controls, low consumption of nitrogen, ease of use, and creative design, is developed to fit all your application needs. The innovative features are designed to optimize your production and output

Highest safety standards through the implementation of a sensor that automatically measures the skin’s temperature

Precise area of treatment targeting capability through a projected light from the nozzle to the treatment area

Mobile nitrogen vessel

Sharp and clear user interface through a digital touchscreen

Ergonomic handle nozzle equipped with controls that facilitate ease of treatment management

Auxiliary arm with a hood supporting the cryogenic hose for ease and comfort of use

Optimized operation through an automatic pause and shutdown feature during idle time

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