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29th December 2016
29th December 2016

Cryotherapy the Next Trend in Athlete Recovery

Cryotherapy is a relatively new form of treatment in which the body is briefly exposed to very cold temperatures in order to promote healing and other therapeutic results. The reported- benefits of cryotherapy include improved circulation, better metabolism, detoxification of the skin, liver and lymph systems, accelerated healing, cellular and tissue repair, and improved immune function. Cryotherapy can pro mote faster muscle regeneration from injuries and quicker recuperation from fatigue. In addition to these health benefits, cryotherapy can also help reduce the pain, signs and symptoms of arthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, migraines and psoriasis. It can also promote increased endurance, speed and strength, result in better skin tone, a reduction in cellulite, less insomnia and better sleep, lower stress levels and lower levels of anxiety and depression.Burns 500 to 800 Calories per Session/ Weight Management that helps in Instant Inch Loss as well making you looking young.:

Some of many Benefits of Cryotherapy
Reduced Inflammation , Lupus Relief, Lymes disease Relief, Improved Sports Performance, Rejuvenated and Improved Skin conditions, Burns 500 to 800 Calories per Session/ Weight Management, Reduced Cellulite, Improved Stretch Marks, Improved Joint Functions, Shortened Recovery Time by 50% from Injuries or Workouts, Decreased Fatigue, Decreased Bruising, Reduced Stress, Improved Circulation, Increased Stamina, Reduced Lap Times, Increased Abilities (Speed, Jumping, Throwing or Swinging), Increased Range of Motion in Arms and Legs, Reduced Stress, Reduced Anxiety, Cryotherapy also reduces affects of symptoms from Multiple Sclorosis, Arthritis, Obesity, Knee pain, Shoulder pain, Back pain.

Inside the Cryotherapy Craze, Celebrities Who Swear By The Controversial Treatment
Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, Floyd Mayweather, Mo Farah, Daniel Craig, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Maria Menounos, Katherine Jenkins and many more….
Celebrities are freezing their butts off — literally — in the hopes of curing whatever ails them, soothing their aching muscles and shedding pounds fast. Musicians, actors, and athletes alike have vouched for the treatment, posting photos of themselves at their designated cryotherapy treatment centers.

The Use of Cryotherapy in Sports Injuries
The use of cold therapy in acute sports injuries as well as in the rehabilitation of the injured athlete has become a generally accepted treatment method. Various cooling modalities are used to apply cold to the injured area, e.g. ice packs, ice towels, ice massage, frozen gel packs, ethyl chloride and other vapocoolants, chemical reaction devices and inflatable splints using refrigerant gas. Most clinical studies report that the use of cryotherapy has a positive effect on pain reduction and on the recovery of various injuries. When the physiological processes produced by cryotherapy are examined in experimental situations, some of these reactions differ from expectations. Skin, subcutaneous, intramuscular and joint temperature changes depend on application method, initial temperature and application time. Intramuscular temperature continues to drop after the cooling modality has been removed. Results of various studies are consistent on the effects on neuromuscular and pain processes. Results of studies on cold and blood flow vary considerably, however it appears that blood flow increases with superficial cold application and decreases when cold is applied to large skin surface areas. Motor performance is affected by temperature with a critical temperature being around 18°C, above and beneath which muscle performance decreases. There is also a critical temperature for the application of cold with inflammation and oedema increasing at temperatures below 15°C. Precautions should be taken because prolonged application at very low temperatures could have deleterious effects.

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