Local Cryotherapy applications are used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas. Unlike Whole Body Cryotherapy, which stimulates cold receptors all over the body in order to trigger an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response, local cryotherapy is comparable to “icing”, although much more powerful and efficient based on our experience. Clients frequently combine this application with Whole Body Cryotherapy, to treat problem areas both from the “inside out” as well as from the “outside in”. As temperatures as low as -240 degrees F can be reached by our devices, a local area treatment only needs to be conducted for about 5-10 minutes, with a benefit exceeding that of hours of icing according to our clients

“Cryotherapy the Next Trend in Athlete Recovery”


Cryotherapy is a relatively new form of treatment in which the body is briefly exposed to very cold temperatures in order to promote healing and other therapeutic results. The reported- benefits of cryotherapy include improved circulation, better metabolism, detoxification of the skin, liver and lymph systems, accelerated healing, cellular and tissue repair, and improved immune function. Cryotherapy can pro mote faster muscle regeneration from injuries and quicker recuperation from fatigue. In addition to these health benefits, cryotherapy can also help reduce the pain, signs and symptoms of arthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, migraines and psoriasis. It can also promote increased endurance, speed and strength, result in better skin tone, a reduction in cellulite, less insomnia and better sleep, lower stress levels and lower levels of anxiety and depression.Burns 500 to 800 Calories per Session/ Weight Management that helps in Instant Inch Loss as well making you looking young.:

S ome of many Benefits of CryotherapyReduced Inflammation , Lupus Relief, Lymes disease Relief, Improved Sports Performance, Rejuvenated and Improved Skin conditions, Burns 500 to 800 Calories per Session/ Weight Management, Reduced Cellulite, Improved Stretch Marks, Improved Joint Functions, Shortened Recovery Time by 50% from Injuries or Workouts, Decreased Fatigue, Decreased Bruising, Reduced Stress, Improved Circulation, Increased Stamina, Reduced Lap Times, Increased Abilities (Speed, Jumping, Throwing or Swinging), Increased Range of Motion in Arms and Legs, Reduced Stress, Reduced Anxiety, Cryotherapy also reduces affects of symptoms from Multiple Sclorosis, Arthritis, Obesity, Knee pain, Shoulder pain, Back pain.

I nside the Cryotherapy Craze, Celebrities Who Swear By The Controversial TreatmentCristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, Floyd Mayweather, Mo Farah, Daniel Craig, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Maria Menounos, Katherine Jenkins and many more….Celebrities are freezing their butts off — literally — in the hopes of curing whatever ails them, soothing their aching muscles and shedding pounds fast. Musicians, actors, and athletes alike have vouched for the treatment, posting photos of themselves at their designated cryotherapy treatment centers.

The Use of Cryotherapy in Sports InjuriesThe use of cold therapy in acute sports injuries as well as in the rehabilitation of the injured athlete has become a generally accepted treatment method. Various cooling modalities are used to apply cold to the injured area, e.g. ice packs, ice towels, ice massage, frozen gel packs, ethyl chloride and other vapocoolants, chemical reaction devices and inflatable splints using refrigerant gas. Most clinical studies report that the use of cryotherapy has a positive effect on pain reduction and on the recovery of various injuries. When the physiological processes produced by cryotherapy are examined in experimental situations, some of these reactions differ from expectations. Skin, subcutaneous, intramuscular and joint temperature changes depend on application method, initial temperature and application time. Intramuscular temperature continues to drop after the cooling modality has been removed. Results of various studies are consistent on the effects on neuromuscular and pain processes. Results of studies on cold and blood flow vary considerably, however it appears that blood flow increases with superficial cold application and decreases when cold is applied to large skin surface areas. Motor performance is affected by temperature with a critical temperature being around 18°C, above and beneath which muscle performance decreases. There is also a critical temperature for the application of cold with inflammation and oedema increasing at temperatures below 15°C. Precautions should be taken because prolonged application at very low temperatures could have deleterious effects.




Cryotherapy is the next generation beauty and anti-aging partner, and that’s why so many people in the World are turning toActive Clinics to help maintain their youthful appearance. From reducing wrinkles and boosting radiance to firming the skin, freezing the face can have multiple benefits

Cryogenically cooled air is directed at the face for a period of 10 minutes, our CRYO Glow treatment penetrates the skin safely, reducing the surface temperature and can help induce the production of collagen to aid in the elasticity and smooth appearance of the face.

Cryotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

1What are your hours of operation?
Active Clinics is open Monday – Friday from 10am – 7pm and Saturday by appointments only from 10am - 6pm. Find out more with these Cryotherapy Frequently Asked Questions…. Are you looking for some answers to questions you have regarding cryotherapy? We’ve collected some of the most asked questions and gathered them all in one place. Check out everything you need to know with these cryotherapy frequently asked questions.
2Who developed the first Cryosauna for Cryotherapy treatments?
The first Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) chamber was created in Japan in the late 1970s for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The treatment was not introduced to Europe until the late 1980s and over the course of the last two decades, studies have established WBC as a powerful treatment for inflammatory injuries and disorders. Whole Body Cryotherapy was introduced in the United Kingdomonly few years back and Active Clinics is the only company who introduce cryotherapy to whole Midlands.
3How does Whole Body Cryotherapy differ from an Ice bath?
An ice bath is typically a 10 – 15 minute soak in ice water that causes the blood from your extremities to move to your core and lower the body’s temperature. Whole Body Cryotherapy is typically a 3 minute dry cold session where the top skin layers and cold receptors respond to the cold by lowering the skin surface temperature by 30 to 50 degrees. This triggers the bodies blood to move from your extremities to the core. When the session is complete your body is triggered to release anti-inflammatory molecules, endorphins, and nutrient rich oxygenated blood.
4How does the cryosauna work?
The user stands inside of the cryochamber and the certified technician will perform the treatment. The special octagonal shape of the chamber ensures that the clients head remains outside of the chamber during the 2 – 3 minute treatment process. The certified technician will then fill the Impact chamber with Nitrogen Vapor, which will drop the temperature of the chamber to -140 degrees Celsius to -160 degrees Celsius. This temporarily lowers the temperature to the skin’s top layer.
5Is Nitrogen dangerous?
Nitrogen is a common element in the earth’s crust, and makes up 78% of the of the earth’s atmosphere. While the chamber is cooled using liquid nitrogen, the client is in no direct contact with the gas. Cryotherapy chambers have been in use for 30+ years and no severe adverse reaction has been associated with usage of the chamber correctly.
6What do I wear while inside of the cryotherapy chamber and do I shower before or after?
Men will wear cotton socks, cotton underwear, and gloves. Women will wear cotton socks, cotton underwear (optional), sports bra (optional), and gloves. We will supply the cotton socks, gloves, and a robe for your comfort. No metal should be worn into the cryochamber.
7How long does a cryotherapy session last?
A cryotherapy session will last anywhere from two, to a maximum of three minutes per session.
8What can I expect to feel after my cryotherapy session?
During the session clients have reported feeling the body release endorphins, which will make you feel good and energetic. Clients have reported that this effect can last 6 – 8 hours, which like any therapy, can get better the more sessions you have over time. Cryotherapy has been reported by some to prompts a number of positive reactions in the body including a boost in blood circulation, an increase in collagen production, improved sleep, overall increased energy, and an increased metabolic boost.
9How often should I have a whole body cryotherapy treatment?
Your certified technician will work on a detailed plan just for you. For example, some clients may enjoy 2 – 3 sessions per week, while training athletes may feel they want daily whole body cryotherapy sessions for recovery purposes. Your certified whole body cryotherapy technician will work to create a detailed plan that will fit you specifically for your individual needs.
10Can I do whole body cryotherapy if I am claustrophobic?
Yes! Your head remains fully outside of the chamber. The chamber door is magnetic and you can exit the session at any time.
11Will my health insurance cover my whole body cryotherapy treatments?
While treatments in Europe can be covered by medical insurance, we do have clients referred by Physiotherapists and insurance companies for Pain Management as cryotherapy help recover quicker from injuries because of this reason we have so many athletes and other player referred by their clubs for quicker recovery.
12Are there any contraindications to cryotherapy?
You should not use whole body cryotherapy if you have any of the following conditions: You are pregnant, have a pacemaker, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, arrhythmia, acute or recent myocardial infarction, unstable angina pectoris, severe hypertension (>180/100), peripheral arterial occlusive disease, venous thrombosis, acute or recent cerebrovascular accident, uncontrolled seizures, Raynaud’s Syndrome, fever, tumor disease, symptomatic lung disorders, bleeding disorders, severe anemia, infection, severe claustrophobia, cold allergy, or acute kidney and urinary tract diseases. Parental consent is needed for anyone 18 years or younger.
13What is the difference between a package and a membership?
Our memberships are comprised of many different treatments and offers of which some will renew at the beginning of every month. There is no roll over of unused items in a membership. Packages must be used completely in one calendar year or will be set to expire after one year from date of purchase.
14Are there any special preparations before my whole body cryotherapy treatment?
None. You don’t have to do anything special for your whole body cryotherapy treatment other than show up. You will be provided with clean, dry cotton socks and a pair of gloves for use in the cryosauna. You will also be provided with a robe to wear to and from the changing room and cryosauna.
15Are there any restrictions after my whole body cryotherapy treatment?
There are no restrictions after your whole body cryotherapy treatment. In fact, clients feel refreshed and energized.
16What makes Active Clinics stand apart from the others?
Now we could keep you here for a while, but we will just go over what we think are the most important pieces that makes us stand apart from the others. Not only do we use a premier Cryotherapy machine for our whole-body treatments, but we also offer additional treatments that make your spa experience unique from any other. These local treatments can be used alone or in conjunction with Whole Body Cryotherapy. A local Active Penguin treatment produces a beam of nitrogen that rapidly cools the affected area. Clients have reported the local treatments can help decrease pain, inflammation, and swelling. AActiveRecovery treatment will take 5-10 minutes depending on the body part. We also offer a Cryo Facial™. This treatment can last anywhere from 10-15 minutes. Cryo CHILL Facials™ help in the production of collagen, tightening of the skin, a decreased pore size, redness can be reduced, and the skin will take on a more even tone. In addition to these, Active Clinic also offers additional treatments to help you in your quest for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Browse around our site, or better yet, stop in for a visit and a personal tour of everything that Active Clinic has to offer.

Cryotherapy PriceList

Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber Session
Whole Body Cryotherapy Single Session £75
Whole Body Cryotherapy 3 x Sessions ( Must use within 30 days) £150 (Saving £75)
Whole Body Cryotherapy Shared Double Session ( Must be used together at same time by 2 people) £100
Treatment 1 Session 6 Sessions
Cryo Facial £70 £280
Anti-aging treatment £70 £280
Body Contouring Treatment p/a £99 £399
Bum Lift £99 £399
Face Lift £70 £280
Acne reduction £70 £280
Arthritis reduction £50 £199
Stretch marks reduction £99 £399
Recovery from sports injuries per area £50 £199
Recovery from muscle and joint pain £50 £199
Recovery from headaches & migraines £50 £199

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