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Does Cryotherapy work forWeight Loss?

A Combined with a balanced diet and a steady workout plan Cryotherapy for weight loss can help to burn additional calories in just a 30 minute treatment.

With some of our clients experiencing additional caloric burn after a treatment, however the results may vary based on the individual. Cryotherapy for weight loss is the latest trend combining cutting-edge technology and science to help people lose weight naturally. Our non-invasive procedures can help stimulate blood-flow throughout the body and boost the delivery of oxygenated blood, in cases helping to increase your metabolic rate and shed those excess pounds.

BOOST YOUR WEIGHT LOSS TODAY Cryotherapy is widely used amongst our client base to stimulate weight loss, usually added as part of an ongoing routine including maintaining a healthy diet and regular workouts some of our clients have seen significant increases in weight loss when adding Cryotherapy to their routine. Whilst the results may vary based on the individual some of the more common benefits of Cryotherapy for weight loss inclues: Increase caloric burn .Encourage additional fat loss. Boost your metabolic rate. Flush toxins and burn fat.


Cryotherapy and Weight Loss

If you are like many people, traditional weight loss approaches have become frustrating and pointless for you. Why continue experimenting with your body only to become unhealthier and less agile over time? If you believe in holistic approaches for overall health, then why not use the same for weight loss?

The natural way to lose weight fast

Europeans have known for years about the positive benefits of extreme cold and its natural effect on our metabolism and the resulting weight loss. Now for the first time, Cryotherapy is available in Birmingham an innovative approach to looking after your health and well being. As part of a healthy weight loss program, regular sessions CryoTherpy you lose weight quickly by rapidly increasing your body’s metabolic rate. By exposing yourself to extreme cold the body then needs to heat back up again using a considerable amount of energy and removing toxins at the same time. This causes the body to ‘burn’ on average between 500 − 800 Calories over the hours following the procedure. That’s roughly the equivalent of running for around 45 minutes or swimming for an hour. Being able to burn 500 Calories a day safely and efficiently is enough to trigger gradual weight loss and help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Cryotherapy is not a new technique,

It’s gaining popularity as the natural health field grows. In just one session, your metabolic rate will increase along with an improvement of your blood circulation. Muscles also become toned, and weight loss becomes much easier. On average, after attending at least 10 cryotherapy weight loss sessions, and up to 20, customers have lost between 6 and 20 pounds. To continue losing weight, it’s recommended to take part in additional cryotherapy sessions, along with a combination of exercising. (Please note: Weight loss varies for each individual depending on body type.)

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