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Regeneration and renewal with peeling effect

The skin care range MELA WHITE gently brightens dark areas and evens out differences in tone. For an even and brightened skin tone. MELA WHITE combines its brightening effect with non-aggressive ingredients that have highly effective moisturizing and regenerating properties. An application over at least 12 weeks is recommended.

Mela White Active C Serum

Essence for an even pigmentation. Gentle evening out of hyperpigmentation in connection with moisturising and vitalising effects. For a radiant and even complexion. Free of parabens, paraffin oil, colouring agents and PEG derivatives.
30 ML30 ML


During the daytime apply MELA WHITE CREAM with SPF 20 over top.

Effective ingredients:

Alpha Arbutin: blocks melanin synthesis, gentle whitening Vitamin C + Vitamin C Glucoside: gentle lightening through inhibition of melanin production, protects against free radicals and supports collagen synthesis Urea: lends moisture and improves absorption of active ingredients

Mela White Day Cream

The new formula with a balanced complex of active ingredients and UV filters helps even out existing hyperpigmentation and prevent the formation of new spots. For a harmonious, even complexion. Without mineral oil, parabens and dyes.
50 ML50 ML


For maximum effect, an application over at least 3 months and in combination with other MELA WHITE products is recommended.

Effective ingredients:

Liquorice root extract: anti-inflammatory, calming UVA/UVB filter: effective protection from UV radiation and prevention of hyperpigmentation Hexyl resorcinol: inhibits tyrosinase, supports anti-aging protective effect Panthenol: moisturizing and calming Antioxidant Complex: protects against free radicals Vitamin E: antioxidative and protective.

Mela White Night Cream

Hydrating night cream with avocado and macadamianut oils to reinforce the skin brightening processes. Defensil® calms and regenerates skin. It becomes noticeably smoother and softer. Complexion appears even and clear.
50 ML50 ML


Always use sun block during the day..

Effective ingredients:

Defensil: minimizes redness and reduces itching and inflammation Niacinamides: protects the outer skin layers from melanin penetrating Vitamin C: prevents the formation of melanin Illumiscin: Provides effective protection by inhibiting the formation of melanin and lipofuscin

Mela White Spot Duo

Liquid & patch for an even looking skin tone
An innovative combination product consisting of a highly-concentrated ingredient liquid (Mela White Liquid) and an intensifying peel off mask (Super Beauty Mask). It helps to specifically reducing pigment and age spots in two steps. For an even looking pigmentation and a brighter appearing, radiant skin. Free from parabens, PEG containing emulsifiers, mineral oil, silicones and colorants.
50 ML50 ML

Main ingredients
Mela White Liquid

Illumiscin®: three component ingredient for helping to reduce discolorations and age spots Vitamin C: helps to reduce the formation of melanin and supports a light appearing skin Niacinamide: helps to protect from melanin reaching the upper skin layers and to improve the regeneration of the skin Hibiscus extract: helps support the skin elasticity and flexibility Panthenol: provides moisture and calms Hyaluronic acid: helps to improve the moisture content of the skin, smoothing

Super Beauty Mask

Cucumber extract: helps to gently make the complexion appear clearer and refreshes Linden extract: helps to reduce irritations Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C): has anti-oxidative and skin-protecting properties.

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