At Optimum Physio we focus on keeping your body moving and ridding it of any physical limitations.
Helping you to achieve a healthier and unrestricted lifestyle.

About Us

Not being convinced by treating each patient with the same typical industry protocol. Birmingham based Physiotherapist - Qasim Shah was interested in effecting lasting changes in body structure and movement through manual therapy which incorporated chiropractic and massage therapy techniques.
Qasim set up his first clinic in 2014 and has successfully treated world renowned athletes from cricket, boxing and football. No matter how active or inactive your lifestyle is Optimum Physio aim to increase the quality of the life you live through allowing efficient pain free movement.



We at Optimum Physio don't let injuries or pain stop you from achieving everything you're capable of. Once you respect your body, you'll soon understand that anything in life is possible.

Core Values

Injury Prevention

Pain Free Movement

You’re in Charge

Future Proof Your Body

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