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English Actor & Producer Scott Adkins at Active Clinic

Appearing in the latest John Wick film alongside Keanu Reeves, Scott Adkins recently took some time out to recover at Active Clinic in Edgbaston.

As well as being a very famous actor appearing in films like The Bourne Ultimatum, Scott is also an expert martial artist and gymnast, who takes his sports recovery very serious. At Active Clinic Scott opted for a course of cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions.

Scott Adkins Said:

Active Clinic has a variety of rehab and sports specific facilities that help me to stay injury free and in tip top shape. It’s the best place in Birmingham for this. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber allows me to train hard and recover fast and also the cryotherapy has specifically helped with a knee injury and generally keeping inflammation down in the body. I highly recommend it.

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