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Biodroga MD CLEAR + Cleansing Fluid for impure skin

The basis of balanced skin condition is intensive, and most importantly daily, cleansing of the skin, particularly of blemishes and oily areas of the skin. Salicylic acid dissolves thickened, cornified skin and dead skin cells. This means the skin can ‘breathe’ again and skincare products are absorbed better.

BIODROGA MD CLEAR + CLEANSING Clarifying Lotion meets the challenges of impure skin thanks to its broad range of action. Modern dermatocosmetic formulations have salicylic acid already integrated into the cleansing step so that the skin is deeply clarified and can better respond to subsequent steps in the skincare routine.

The BIODROGA MD CLEAR + 24h Care for impure combination skin is suitable for the demanding skin because the creamy gel mattifies oily patches on the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) while providing the usually dry cheeks with sufficient oil and moisture.

BIODROGA MD SK BOOSTER Skin Resurface Acid Serum Anti-Age lets skin as of age 35 breathe again and helps to efficiently and visibly minimize these unpleasant skin conditions. The combination of peeling and intensive conditioning makes this serum a special preparation with excellent anti-ageing properties.

The BIODROGA MD EVEN & PERFECT CC Cream LSF 20 Colour Correction is a perfect all rounder for a conditioned, even skin tone. The beige-colored texture of this Colour Correction Cream is converted into a light make-up foundation when applied to skin and adapts itself to any skin tone – whether porcelain complexion or olive-coloured skin.


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