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Biodroga MD Skin Booster Anti-Glycation DNA 2.5 Serum is an efficient special product for the countering of cell damages in skin which may occur due to the glycation process in the connective tissue damaging the collagen fibers. It counteracts oxidative stress and improves the activity of anti-oxidative enzymes. ANTI-OX ANTI-GLYCATION Advanced Formula 2.5 Serum is based on the synergetic effect of Glutathion Mimetic Peptide and stabilized Vitamin C.


  • Helps to counter the cell damage caused by glycation (sticky connective tissue and collagen fibers due to sugar compounds)
  • Protects skin against the harming influences of free radicals
  • Improves the activity of anti-oxidative enzymes
  • Supports the collagen biosynthesis
  • Has an anti-ageing effect
  • Due to its formulation as serum, it optimally penetrates into skin and has a highly efficient effect

What is Glycation?

Glycation is the technical term for the bonding of sugar molecules in the connective tissue. The latest research findings show that, besides free radicals, this skin-cell-damaging process is an additional decisive factor for premature skin aging. Glucose  is vital for the cells & is cell food. Too much glucose (sugar) in the cells has, however, a damaging effect. If the insulin level increases too much due to excessive sugar supply, the concentration of sugar increases in the blood. This leads to sticky compounds in the connective tissue and collagen fibers. This "stickiness“ is also designated as AGE (advanced glycation end products) and are a combination of sugar and the body-own proteins.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Glutathion is a body-own anti-oxidant which prevents cell damages caused by free radicals and peroxides. Glutathion is also called the ultimate master anti-oxidant. The synthetic Glutathion Mimetic Peptid used in this serum emulates the effect of the body’s own Glutathion. It counters cell damages caused by glycation as well as oxidative stress and stimulates the activity of anti-oxidative enzymes.

  • Glutathion Mimetic Peptide
  • Stabilized Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A Acetate

TO USE: In the evening, after the skin-specific cleansing, pat in one pump of the serum evenly into skin. Spare out eye contours.


SIZE: 30ml


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