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How does it work?

A Faster recovery allows you to have the consistent and frequent training schedule that is key to skill development and utmost performance, and that Whole Body Cryotherapy sports recovery can significantly accelerate recovery.


Athletes with poor recovery and frequent injuries are unable to practice with the proper frequency and therefore are prevented from reaching their optimum performance level. If you are an athlete looking for maximum performance and a competitive advantage,


Cryotherapy can be used to effectively help you attain your goals. Whether you desire accelerated muscle healing, decreased fatigue, accelerated recovery time, Cryotherapy could be a solution for you.


cryotherapy video


Small tears, injuries, and strains are a natural by-product of living an active life. In order to maintain ultimate health and performance however, it’s critical that these injuries are mitigated quickly and naturally. Cryotherapy increases circulation by exposing the body to ultra-cooled air, purifying the blood and transporting nutrients and oxygen to the body’s soft tissue.


This accelerates healing, allowing you to reach your body’s ultimate potential. Accelerated Soft Tissue Healing Muscle aches and soft tissue pain is generally the result of inflammation caused by damaged cells. Cryotherapy stimulates circulation, and as blood flows through your body it brings with it healing agents like oxygen and other nutrients. By purifying your blood, soft tissue healing is accelerated, and most patients report reduced pain immediately after using the Active Cryotherapy Chamber or Active Localised Cryo Machine. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to experience the many benefits of Cryotherapy

prices FOR LOCALISED (TARGETED) cryotherapy

sessions      was            Now
x1                    £50              FROM £35*

x3                   £200            £130

x6                   £300            £180

x10                  £500           £290

benefits of cryotherapy for recovery & performance

Faster recovery times
Reduced inflammation
Increased range of motion and flexibility
Increased endurance
Pain relief
Tissue repair
Immune system boost

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